The Mercantile at ACG

Spruce & Sprout handmade goods will now be for sale at the Albany Center Gallery's downtown location--and we can't contain our excitement!

This is the result of Lark Street Mercantile collaborating with Albany Center Gallery to create The Mercantile at ACG with hopes to "connect the Downtown Albany and Lark Street neighborhoods through art, giving the community as a whole 'more art everywhere!'" You can read the full press release about it here.

Can't thank Lark Street Mercantile enough for opening doors like this for us, and to Albany Center Gallery for helping promote our handmade products. Seeing work from other local artists at the ACG also inspires us to create more, which only helps improve our work!

ACG is a non-profit organization whose exhibitions, receptions, and artist interviews are free and open to the public. To help ensure ACG's work goes uninterrupted, make a donation to support their efforts.

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