We're going minimalistic!

Spruce & Sprout - The Ceklic family in Niagara Falls, 2019

Hello, there! We're the Ceklics, the little family who owns and operates Spruce & Sprout. We're grateful that you're visiting our ecoshop, and humbled that you want to know more about us. Here's our story.

Our story is not unique. Like many families, we've grown very concerned about the state of our planet and decided we needed to step up our efforts to be kinder to it.

Realizing that the conveniences we've become accustomed to was a big part of the problem, we've committed to making lifestyle changes to lessen our family's impact on the environment.

And while we plan to apply other sustainability practices into our daily routine, our focus will be primarily on cutting down the wastes our household produces.

Why? Because, it is something we can fully control and we want to be part of the solution by using our buying powers to help influence the way big corporations do business.

Growing up, we relished in the magic of the great outdoors, instilling a love for nature in both of us that carried into adulthood. Although we come from different parts of the world--he in the Balkan mountains, me in the tropics of the Western Pacific--our love for nature brought us together, something that we still share today, and something we hope to share with our daughter as she grows into her own person. The grim thought that she may be deprived of Mother Earth's beauty by the time she reaches adulthood was something we weren't willing to accept. And just like that, Spruce & Sprout LLC was born.

My name is Jonaliza, this is my husband Nedelko, and our little human Jordana. You'll read about our stories from my point of view. Through Spruce & Sprout, we intend to share our findings as we adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle with hopes to inspire other families to consider making sustainable switches, too! We understand how difficult it can be to break old habits and along the way offer earth-friendly alternatives at your fingertips, making the switch a little bit easier to attain. We truly believe "sustainable is attainable" and have made proving this our mission. Welcome to Spruce & Sprout!

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