Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day while social distancing

Our family is working towards a more sustainable lifestyle so that it's Earth Day everyday in our household. However, today marks Earth Day's 50th anniversary, which is a cause for a real celebration.

And since we are all currently practicing social distancing to safely get through this pandemic, many organizations are providing other means to commemorate this special occasion. Here are a few alternative options to consider: 

Learn how discuss climate action during the pandemic

On Monday, April 27th, Citizen's Climate Lobby is hosting a virtual training session with expert Dr. Ed Maibach, co-founder of the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, who will explain how to discuss climate action while being sensitive to the devastation wrought by COVID-19.

Get educated on the essentials of zero waste

Eco-Cycle is partnering with various environmental groups to provide a video series about zero waste living. Topics include Recycling’s Dirty Dozen, Reducing Food Waste, Alternatives to Plastic, and Backyard Composting which are accompanied by lessons your whole family can get involved in. 

Help stop the plastics industry

Beyond Plastic is continuing to fight against the plastics industry who is currently working hard to exploit the pandemic to roll back plastic pollution laws like the plastic bag bans. Don't let the plastics industry win by supporting this organization's efforts with a small donation.

Enjoy a peaceful moment with birds

Pretty self-explanatory. Audobon provides instructions on how to do it effectively.

Find virtual events that interest you

There are hundreds of virtual events happening in all timezones. They range from educational to informational to simply social. Earth Day's main hub, EarthDay.org, provides a directory to help you easily find a digital Earth Day event that suits your interest. You can also watch Earth Day Live! which will stream video messages and performances from activists and your favorite celebrities all over the world.

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