The Unrecyclables [Printable List]

As a Xennial growing up, we were taught that in order to be "good to the environment", all you had to do was recycle. But let's face it, not everything we put in the recycling bin gets recycled. In fact, most of it still end up in landfills and oceans, the very place we hope to keep it away from, because many of us don't take (or have) the time to identify, sort, and clean what we are recycling, contaminating the whole batch. Ultimately, only 9% ends up getting recycled.

We're not proud to admit it but we are one of the many families who has committed wishful recycling. In our journey to become a minimal waste household, it's one of the things we are working to change. While there is so much more we can be doing before we get to this point, we plan to make our recycling efforts more conscientious. 

To start, I put together "The Unrecyclables" to help remind my family of what NOT to put in our recycling bin--information courtesy of Zero Waste Capital District. I have printed a copy and taped it on our recycling bin so it's right in front of our faces. Here's a printable version so your family can use it, too!

Of course, there is so much more to recycling than keeping the bad stuff out. Thankfully, there are many available resources online to help you become a conscientious recycler. Here are a few good ones from the Capital Region Recycling Partnership.

Photo: Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

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